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Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium


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  Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium  

Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium

The Stringy Moss is a very variable moss, with many forms when grown submersed. It is found in the northern hemispheres, from Europe to China to North America.

Below is a comparison between Singapore Moss (Vesicularia dubyana), Java Moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri), and the Stringy Moss (Leptodictyum riparium):

  Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium  

The Stringy Moss (Leptodictyum riparium) might be confused with the common Bladderwort, which is a species of Utricularia. The picture below shows the comparison between Stringy Moss and Utricularia sp.

  Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium  

My experience in growing this moss is that it is an undemanding plant, just like the normal Java Moss. It is a bit slow growing. The most interesting part about this moss is that it grows upwards in a stringy manners. Take some of the stems, which are unbranched, and tied them horizontally on a driftwood. After some times, a lot of stems will start popping up and grows upwards. And because the stems and leaves are so fine, it will sort of create an interesting effect. Very much different from the Singapore Moss, Christmas Moss, Taiwan Moss, etc. I tried to take some pictures to show what I mean, but the quality of my digital camera is not good enough to do justice to the plant.

  Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium

I've found another use of the Stringy Moss. To grow it in really small glass vase and use as a table top ornamental. It requires only some lightings from the fluorescent light on the ceiling, and it's virtually maintenance free. It could even produce oxygen bubbles like Riccia.

  Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium

You could see the details of the cells structures of Leptodictyum riparium in the following picture taken from a microscope.

  Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium - Cell Structure  



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