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String Moss (Japan Moss) - Taxiphyllum sp.


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String Moss (Japan Moss)

This is another moss that belongs to the genus taxiphyllum, and it was available in our fish shop recently. It was being labelled as String Moss (Japan Moss). Initially I thought it was similar to the Stringy Moss, Leptodictyum riparium. But upon closer inspection, it was totally different. This String Moss (Japan Moss) grows rather long, and it feels rather 'rough' to the touch. One interesting thing I noted about this moss was that the growing tip of the moss was dark in colour, much like a black dot. The following pictures show what I meant.

String Moss (Japan Moss)String Moss (Japan Moss)

I'll try to tie the moss onto driftwood and grow it properly and nicely in my tank. I'll keep everyone updated in the future on the progress of this moss.




Last update: Oct 2006

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