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You could remove algae with the 'right' way by following the method from the paper written by Paul L. Sears and Kevin C. Conlin - Control of Algae in Planted Aquaria. You could also do the 'estimative' way recommended by Tom Barr - The Estimative Index of Dosing, or No Need for Test Kits.

But if you have a life and don't have the time to do weekly change of water as what Tom Barr suggested, then you might want to consider reading the book by Diana L. Walstad - Ecology of the Planted Aquarium (3rd Edition) In her book, Diana Walstad gives the scientific details about plant ecology in a planted aquarium. It's definitely a book you must read if you want to know more about your planted tank and reduce algae growth. You can following this link to read why Diana Walstad wrote the book ‘Ecology of the Planted Aquarium’.

* Note: The above link is not longer available. You can find the article in the Internet Archive through this link.
You can get the books from Amazon in the following link:

However, this article here is not about the right way, the left way, or the middle path. It's the 'unorthodox' way of nuking algae from Java Moss or any other type of aquatic moss, easy, fast, and effective.

What you need are some bleach, water, moss, and algae. Mix about 5% bleach solution with 95% water in a container. Throw in the moss. Throw in the algae. Stirr them around in the bleach solution, and wait for 2 minutes. If the algae is soft algae, it should be 'bleached' by then. If it's the tougher Black Brush Algae(BBA), or Hair Algae, they should turn to a pale colour and would die later. Take out the moss and rinse a few times to make sure that the residual chlorine has been remove. Alternatively, you could dump the moss into another container and add in some anti-chlorine solution. After this treatment, your moss will be as good as new.


  1. If your tank is full of algae, bleaching the java moss alone will not solve the algae problem.
  2. This method is most applicable if you have lots of grown-out containers that you use for fry rearing. Usually we would want to put in some easy-growing Java Moss in the container to suck up the excess nutrient. After the fry have grown up, usually the moss would be covered with algae. After the bleach dip, the moss would be clean again for reuse.
  3. Please remember to bleach the container also.
  4. Keep the bleach out of small children's reach.
  5. Do not drink the bleach solution.
  6. In case the bleach gets into your body, consult a doctor immediately.
  7. Aquamoss is not responsible for any death of human lives, fish, or plants if you apply this method.










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