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How to tie aquatic moss to driftwood

You've seen Amano style aquarium. You've wanted to create that authentic look of a nature aquarium with aquatic moss growing on the driftwoods, logs or rocks. Well, with some simple steps, everyone can create that moss log easily.

You need aquatic moss, driftwood, and fishing line. I prefer to use fishing line to cotton thread because in my experience, some mosses do not get 'rooted' to the wood even after the cotton thread has disintegrated. For the fishing line, get the thinnest diameter you can find so that it will be 'invisible' in the tank.

How to tie aquatic moss to driftwood

Starting from one side of the wood, tie a knot. Remember to leave at least 2 inches on the starting end of the fishing line to the knot. Next spread the moss evenly on the wood. Work the fishing line round and round the moss as you lay the moss. At this point, it will make you will feel that having 2 hands on a human body is not enough to perform this feat. Sometimes I employed my 2 feets to secure the large driftwood while I was tying the moss to the branches. No, I'm not going to take pictures of me doing this acrobatic act. Please go to the zoo and watch the gorilla to get the picture.

How to tie aquatic moss to driftwood

After you have reached the other side of the wood, circle the fishing line back to the starting point. Tie it tighly back to the 2 inches of the starting end of the fishing line. You would want 2 inches since anything shorter would be quite difficult for you to tie the knot tightly.

Trim away the remaining fishing line. Put it into your tank and then wait for the moss to grow. It really is that simple.

The above show how nice the moss has grown after one month in the tank.


Other than woods, you could also tie the aquatic moss to rocks. Lava rock is a good choice since it is inert and it is coarse enough for the moss to root. Furthermore, with a few pieces of moss rocks, it gives you the mobility to rearrange the aquascape easily. The steps involve in tying the aquatic moss to the lava rock is similar to tying to driftwood.

How to tie aquatic moss to lava rock

How to tie aquatic moss to lava rock

How to tie aquatic moss to lava rock








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