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If you have read the part on How to Create a Moss Wall, creating a moss lawn is really a piece of cake. Instead of erecting the plastic mesh with the moss vertically, you just lay it flat on the ground. The end.

Ok, jokes aside, who on earth would just want to fill the bottom of a tank with Java Moss? You should at least find 3 rocks and then place it on top of the lawn, then you've got an Amano style aquarum. Else, go find a nice bogwood with nice branches, and lay it on the centre of the tank. Tada, you've also got another Amano tank. In fact, if you want to create these type of aquascapes, you don't even need to use the plastic mesh. Just spread the moss on top of the substrate and around the rocks and woods. The moss sinks, won't they?

Ok, ok, no more jokes. You can create pieces of moss lawn using the plastic mesh. And then lay them at the foreground of the tank, similar to how pieces of carpet grass are being laid on your garden lawn. The size of the mesh is up to you. You could also cut the mesh to different shapes to suit your need. Lay some small rocks on top of the mesh to keep it down, and once the moss has grown out, it should easily covers the small rocks. If you can find stainless steel wire, it would be even better. You could use it to tie the mesh and the weight of the wire would keep the mesh down.

When you want to trim your moss lawn, take out the mesh from the tank and trim it outside. This will ensure the pieces of trimmed-off moss will not float around the tank and establish itself on other parts of the tank and becomes a weed. After you have trimmed the moss, give it a good shake in the water to dislodge all the mulms that have accumulated on the moss.

Do note that Erect Moss - Vesicularia reticulata, and Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium, are not really suitable for the foreground lawn, since both of them grow vertically up.








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